Bringing Mass Production to Wind

ogin wind turbine technology production

Ogin Turbines are the first in their class capable of being mass-produced, with a modular design that is easy to ship and assemble on-site. Turbine components are made in partnership with only top-tier suppliers and are designed for volume production so that, from date of order, they can be delivered on-site in a matter of weeks.  Smaller component sizes enable shipment in standard flatbed trucks – eliminating many logistical headaches.  Projects can rapidly scale with less working capital. Additional turbines can be ordered and installed as needed to meet local clean energy needs in a flexible and capital-efficient fashion.

More than a turbine, Ogin offers a new model of wind power project development – one that can help to democratize and spread the use of clean wind energy to more communities than ever before. Just as the first mass-produced automobile brought affordable transportation to Americans, the Ogin Turbine will bring clean energy home – for everyone.