Our Technology

Ogin brings a quantum gain in wind turbine performance.

Conventional wind turbines have greatly increased in size and height in recent years, but their fundamental design hasn’t changed much in decades. In fact, today’s standard turbines are based on the same physical principles as 18th century windmills. The Ogin Turbine is different.  Its unique shroud design takes advantage of the latest advances in the aerospace industry to change physical airflow patterns through and around the turbine.  Annual energy output per kW of rated capacity is increased by 50%, while peak energy output from the ultra compact rotor is increased by up to three times per unit of swept area. The result is a quiet, compact 100 kW turbine that outperforms any other midscale turbine on the market.

Beyond the turbine itself, Ogin is also forging wind industry breakthroughs in the processes of manufacturing, transportation logistics and on-site assembly.  The Ogin Turbine’s modular design enables highly-automated mass manufacture of parts.  These are sub-assembled at a centralized facility and can be delivered over ordinary roads in standard flatbed trucks for rapid on-site final assembly.  The result:  shorter project development and construction timelines, and a more cost-effective way to deliver the benefits of wind energy to consumers.

In the mid-20th century, open propeller-driven planes with piston engines reached performance limits as blade tip speeds neared the speed of sound.  It was the perfection of the gas turbine engine that enabled modern aircraft and paved the way for the jet age.  Today, the aerospace-inspired Ogin Turbine offers a similar quantum gain in performance.  Ogin’s breakthrough design opens more possibilities for clean wind energy development than ever before.