Utility-Scale Economics Make Wind Affordable

Ogin wind turbine technology

The Ogin Turbine brings unprecedented efficiency to the mid-scale turbine market.  Ogin’s innovative design yields a 50% gain in annual energy production from a 100kW-class turbine, and dramatically higher energy output per unit of swept area from its compact, high-speed rotor.  A simplified gearless direct drive system and critical damped turbine shroud translate into reduced stress on moving parts, longer service intervals and major O&M savings.  The result: utility-scale economics are now available in a more flexible 100kW machine.

In addition, current federal law provides Ogin Turbines with access to a stable Business Energy Investment Tax Credit through 2016. With this credit, the Ogin turbine compares even more favorably both to conventional energy and utility turbine-based projects that face an uncertain subsidy future.