Taking the Wind out of the Opposition

ogin wind turbine technology

Throughout the world, citizens increasingly want clean energy to meet both local and national needs.  Yet the prospect of a large wind farm within one’s local community can raise a range of potential siting concerns. Ogin offers a revolutionary approach to harnessing wind energy that captures utility-scale turbine economics in smaller-scale projects with a low-profile, compact and quiet design.  The result:  the most common siting obstacles are reduced or eliminated.  There’s more reason than ever to embrace clean, local energy to power your community’s future.

With a total height barely one-third of modern utility turbines and far below the FAA’s 200’ threshold for marker lights, the Ogin Turbine protects treasured views of the nighttime sky.  Ogin Turbines offer a community-friendly way to meet local energy needs with:

  • Favorable economics
    • Lower electricity costs
    • A hedge against rising future fossil fuel prices
  • Lower construction impacts
  • No need for major road works
  • Connects to existing grids without major upgrades
  • Shorter hub height and total height reduce visual impact
  • Lower height and shroud virtually eliminate shadow flicker
  • Quiet operation without gearboxes
  • Lower siting and operating impacts