Opening New Markets by Going Where Others Can't

ogin wind turbine technology

The low-profile Ogin Turbine opens new markets and sites, offering wind energy developers new opportunities to grow their operations and sales.  The high efficiency of the Ogin Turbine enables profitable development in a wide range of wind regimes, whether to meet local or regional needs.

Projects using Ogin Turbines can be accommodated easily within existing road and power networks.  Modular design and smaller-size components enable turbine transport in standard flatbed trucks without the need for costly road upgrades, permits, or escorts.  In addition, Ogin Turbines are suitable for deployment within lower-voltage distribution grids, avoiding the need for large, costly transmission infrastructure -- saving money and speeding project development cycles.

With their quiet operation, airport-friendly low profile and a shrouded design that is readily detectable by wildlife, Ogin turbines harmonize with their surroundings, enabling a more positive response from the local community.