Our Difference

Ogin is driven to make affordable, clean energy available to everyone.  Guided by this mission we are reshaping energy with our first breakthrough, the Ogin Turbine.  It’s a smaller, more efficient wind turbine that can go where large turbines can’t – enabling wind energy developers to bring clean energy production closer to consumers.

Innovation is in Ogin’s DNA. Inspired by the latest advances in the aerospace industry, the Ogin Turbine dramatically improves efficiency and power output with its unique shroud and vortex technologies.  Project development cycles are shortened.  Lower siting impacts and shorter setbacks simplify permitting challenges.  Modular manufacturing and off-site subassembly simplify and speed on-site construction. Wind arrays can be sited closer to customers and connected directly to local distribution grids, without the need for new long-distance transmission infrastructure.

For developers, these advances translate into significant cost savings.

For consumers, it means a new choice. Today, the Ogin Turbine makes the best form of energy – clean, healthy, inexhaustible energy from renewable resources – more broadly available and more affordable than ever before.

Comparing Ogin Turbines to traditional KW scale turbines